Römer Square​

Stepping into Römer Square feels like a journey back in time to the heart of Frankfurt’s history. The cobblestone streets and quaint medieval buildings exude a charming atmosphere that harks back to centuries past. The iconic Römer building, with its distinctive stepped gables, has witnessed countless events and ceremonies, making it a true emblem of the city. The square is alive with cultural events, festivals, and the joyful chatter of locals and visitors alike. Exploring the surrounding narrow streets reveals hidden gems, cozy cafes, and traditional shops, creating an immersive experience that captures the essence of Frankfurt’s heritage.


As a culinary treasure trove, the Kleinmarkthalle encapsulates the flavors and aromas of Frankfurt’s diverse gastronomic scene. This bustling indoor market is a haven for food enthusiasts, offering a vibrant array of fresh produce, delectable treats, and international specialties. From local cheeses and artisanal bread to exotic spices and mouthwatering pastries, the Kleinmarkthalle is a feast for the senses. Conversations with friendly vendors, the colorful displays, and the communal spirit among food lovers make every visit an immersive journey into Frankfurt’s culinary soul.